Pre Jamboree Camp

The Pre Jamboree Camp will commence on the 26th of December 2019 and will conclude on the 28th of December 2019

This Camp is to get you settled into New Zealand. This is included in contingent costs.

Arriving at Auckland Airport , you will be transported to our accommodation(TBA) for the next few days , you will have the chance to meet other scouts from Australia and Meet with your patrol and PAL (Patrol Adult Leader).

During your time At (TBA) you and your patrol will be exploring the local area.



The Jamboree Commences on the 28th of December and concludes 7th of January 2020.

On the 28th Of December we depart from our pre Jamboree camp and head to the Jamboree site. When we arrive at the Jamboree you will be greeted by your host New Zealand troop. We will then be greeted by the Jamboree Patrol who will preform a traditional Hakka. you will then head to your troop site where you will get to meet everyone in your troop and setup your bed for the next  9 days. After you settle in , you and your troop will make your way to the opening ceremony.

Over the next 9 days  there will be lots of fun packed activities to do during the day and night. 

More Events TBA:

International night – This is a night of entertainment where every country showcases a dance (our dance is originated by our assistant contingent leaders) 

Jamboree Patrol Day – This is  a whole day activite organised by the Jamboree Patrol. Here is a what was done at the 21st NZ Jamboree    

Market Day – This is a day where every troop sets up a stall , half of the day you will be helping with your troops stall the other half you will get to go around to other troops stalls.  


Post Jamboree Tour