Good Morning

There are a few posts over the past few days relating to PAL (Australian Leader) and NZ troop contact. To access patrol records, the PAL has had to have signed a confidentiality form before I permit them to access those records and make contact. I know who they are and will follow up those who are yet to sign up. PALs who have been assigned 2 patrols only have access to one of them in the system therefore a seperate list is provided for the second patrol. I realise that not everyone has made contact or has been contacted yet. Later today I will provide the Troop Leader contact list to all PALs.

Not everyone has their personal kit yet, we are aware of this and there are no issues with distribution. We just need to set aside the time to package and mail it. Apart from remote NSW kits, the remainder will be posted. By the end of this week. NSW will be sent after 10 November.

If you have any questions about anything the best thing to do is send an email and not list the questions on Facebook which are at risk of not being answered.

Official communication from the Contingent is by email.


Alan Murray